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Do you think only rich people can have bodyguards? Well, think again. With a new Chinese application called Jinyiwei, anyone living in the city of Qingdao may soon have that privilege, too. The app will be used for the first time in September. It works a little like Uber taxis or the Airbnb apartment-rental application. It connects people with 50, 000 local bodyguards. So, if you don’t feel safe in Qingdao, just log on and the personal bodyguard will be on his way.

The price is around £20 per hour. Li Shangshang, who created the app, says that all his bodyguards have worked in the army. He is planning etiquette classes for his workers and is teaching them how to co-operate with the police.

Chinese people have reacted in many ways to Li Shangshang’s idea. Some say that the app is useful for people who live in dangerous areas. Others have asked: "If you have this, then what's the sense of the police?" But most people in China say the app will be a chance for lonely women to find a boyfriend and have some fun. Well, let’s wait and see.
1. The new application will help people in Qingdao find …
2. All Li Shangshang’s workers …
3. Most Chinese people say the application will be a good way to …
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Hi Barbara,

Guess what! Miranda and I are going to China this year! That means our apartment will be empty for three weeks. So, if July is ok with you, come and stay in our flat. After all, you and Jacob have always wanted to visit England. And maybe we’ll visit you in Slovakia one day. Who knows?

You’ll probably have to park your car in front of the building, as the garage in the basement is usually full. We never use it for our car. We just leave our bikes there. There’s a gym and a swimming pool in the building. You just need a magnetic card to use them. We’ll leave it on the kitchen table for you.

Well, what do you think? Write back soon and let me know your decision.

Love, Mike
4. Mike is inviting Barbara and Jacob to …
5. You need a magnetic card to use …
Tekst 3

I remember I once got proper letters with return addresses and stamps. It was so exciting! I remember waiting for a letter from college when I still didn’t know if they would accept me. When the letter finally arrived, I pulled it out of the mailbox, opened the envelope and… closed my eyes. I was so scared it would be bad news! I ran to my brother’s room and said: “Read it! Out loud, please!” And when he did, I cried with joy: “I got in! Let’s celebrate!” Kids today don’t know what they’re missing.

Today getting letters usually stresses me. That’s because I no longer get letters from friends. We use e-mails, like everyone else. Luckily, my husband deals with letters from banks. He patiently studies all our financial statements and credit card reports. And thank God for that. It’s bad enough that I have to read letters from our car insurance company. I just hate it when they ask for more money every year. That creates a really big hole in our budget. Only letters from my kids’ teachers usually put me in a good mood, as my children are excellent students.

Oh wait… there was one letter from school once that worried me sick. It was from a school nurse. It said that my daughter weighs 64kg and that she is 146cm tall. It informed me that she really needs to lose weight. There's only one thing – my daughter weighs 37kg. She is not too thin, not too fat – just right for her age. The nurse simply made a mistake. And ruined my day all the same.
6. The woman did not …
7. The woman usually gets bad news from …
8. The letter informed the woman that her daughter is …
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In Portugal, a light plane crashed on a beach that was filled with people. Two sunbathers, a man and a woman, were killed in the crash. The plane was wobbling in the air, apparently because of a partly broken left wing. The two victims died right away, while other sunbathers ran away into the sea. One man said that more people were not hit because they saw the plane coming and moved away. It was lucky that more people were not hurt. The police are now talking to the pilot of the plane, who was not injured.
A Chinese pensioner is now China’s best-known animal lover. Over the past twenty years, she has saved thousands of dogs from being eaten. At her home, she takes care of many dogs, who eat 200 kilograms of food every day. To feed them, she even sold her house. She has many supporters, but people from her town do not like her. They say that eating dogs is normal; it is a Chinese tradition. The old woman and her helpers buy many dogs to save them. Some people take advantage of this – they want to sell dogs to the woman to make money.
A man from Wisconsin, USA, was building a cupboard in his bedroom. He was using a nail gun to put the long metal nails into the wood. He accidentally dropped the gun. The gun fired on its own and shot him in the chest. He could not see the nail, but he felt it moving with his heart. The long nail was deep inside the heart. He didn’t try to pull it out – he knew that could kill him. Instead, he quickly drove to hospital. He is fine now.
A man in Texas was repairing a cash machine when he got stuck inside it. His phone was in his car so he could not call for help. He slipped notes to customers asking them for help. Most people thought that this was a joke, but one person called the police. The police came and could hear “a little voice coming from the machine”. One officer kicked down a door and saved the man.
An 11-year-old boy scored 162 in the Mensa IQ test. Only around 2 per cent of people reach a score higher than 132, which is a ticket to the Mensa club. The boy’s IQ could be higher than Einstein’s or Stephen Hawking’s. The boy comes from England and one of his hobbies is badminton. He wants to use his intelligence to help the world. He said that the test was “not that difficult”, but he admitted that he had to guess a few answers because there was not enough time.
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Tekst 1

Last year I left my job with a language school after working there for 6 years. Now I am a selfemployed teacher. Why did I do it? Well, in my last job I had no control over my work. Now I have more freedom and I am my own boss – it means that nobody tells me what to do. And it matters more to me than having a high salary!

Leaving my job was easier than I’d thought. Why? It’s because I had lots of contacts in the teaching business. Many of my students wanted to continue having lessons with me, so I didn’t have to worry about finding new clients. What is more, my ‘old’ students recommended me to their friends, and after a few months, the number of my clients was really big.

Some people ask if it’s hard to be a self-employed teacher. Of course, there are some disadvantages. I think the main problem is when people call you because they want to change the date or time of their lessons. Then you need to rearrange your weekly work schedule and it takes a lot of time. Luckily, my students respect my time and they hardly ever ask me to change anything.

Despite some problems, I don’t want to go back to the kind of job which I had before. Now I am a more responsible and better organized person. This is important not only in my job, but in my life too!
14. The writer changed his job because he wanted more money
15. The writer’s students helped him to find new clients
16. The writers’ plan of work changes quite often.
Tekst 2

Hi! In my blog I want to tell you how my attitude to travelling abroad has changed over the years.

I remember my first trips abroad, when I was in secondary school. At the age of 16, I was ‘big enough’ to travel on my own. But the problem was that I didn’t have much money, so I had to find different part-time jobs. I worked hard all year round and earned enough money to stay even in a fivestar hotel. However, I wasn’t interested in that kind of thing. I wanted to have longer holidays abroad and see more of the world. That is why I stayed in cheap motels where the conditions were rather poor.

Two decades later, the situation is different. My wife and I want to have more comfort when going abroad. Now that we have a 2-year-old son, we try to find flights leaving from the local airport to minimize possible problems. Luckily, it is situated only about 15 kilometers from our town. Since I got married, I have tried to make my life easier and less stressful.
17. As a teenager, the writer often went abroad to find a job
18. The writer travelled comfortably in the past
19. Now the writer doesn’t travel abroad with his family
20. Now the writer chooses to fly from the nearby airport