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Timing your visit
You can visit the Palace of Holyroodhouse at your leisure using the free audio tour, which lasts about one hour. Tours of Holyrood Abbey, which are included in the admission price, are available to Holyrood ticket-holders. Tours run regularly throughout the day from April to October.

Photography and filming
Photography and filming for private use are welcomed within the grounds of Holyroodhouse, but are not allowed inside the Palace itself. Mobile phones must be switched off.

The Palace today
The Queen is in residence at the Palace of Holyroodhouse during Holyrood week, which usually takes place from the end of June to the beginning of July. During that week the Queen takes part in an ancient ceremony - the Presentation of the Keys of the City of Edinburgh. The Queen is given a red-velvet cushion, on which there is the great key of the city. The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh entertain around 8,000 guests from Scotland during Holyrood week. Her Majesty holds formal ceremonies in the Great Gallery, audiences in the Morning Drawing Room and a Garden Party. The Queen also carries out a lot of official activities all over Scotland.
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My sense of direction is not very good, and I easily get lost. One day, about ten years ago, I was walking in the mountains between France and Italy when the weather began to turn bad. I started to make my way back downhill, because I did not want to be caught in a storm. But after a few hundred metres, because of my poor sense of direction, I did not know where to go. I tried to use my compass but it did not work because of the storm. It started to rain and soon I was completely lost.

I called as loud as I could, but of course there was nobody close enough to hear me. I did not want to stay on the mountain, but it was impossible to go on, so I got into a hole between two rocks and waited for the storm to go over. After two or three hours the rain stopped and the clouds cleared, and I was able to start walking again. I was very cold and hungry, and I had nothing to eat except a few sweets.

About half an hour later I suddenly recognized my surroundings, and I realised that I was only two or three hundred metres above the camp site. However, my troubles were not over. On my way down I fell and hit my knee against a rock. There was a deep cut and it hurt very badly. I thought about calling the mountain rescue but I decided I could walk down without any help. The campsite was so close. As soon as I got back to the camp, I went to a doctor. Fortunately, nothing was broken.
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When I was a boy, there seemed to be two kinds of films on TV: westerns and war movies. I hated both of them. Because the good guys were too brave, and because the bullets never hit them. Westerns were the worst – brave cowboys killed bad Indians – end of story. But even the war movies seemed to be the same story over and over again.

Now, however, Steven Spielberg has made Saving Private Ryan, a film about World War II. This film is totally different to what was on TV when I was a kid.

It tells the story of a small group of men sent on a dangerous mission to find one soldier – Private Ryan – somewhere in France during the Normandy invasion. There is not any cheap sentiment, or unfair optimism. But it is a film that makes you feel that people are generally good. In my opinion Steven Spielberg has made a great war movie. I really loved it.
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We were picked up in Alice and taken out to Pyndan Camel Tracks for the camel ride. An hour ride into the desert on a huge camel. I led the group and I was the only one riding by myself. A bit scary but so much fun. I found the whole experience lots of fun and quite easy for an older person. Getting on and off the camel was easy with reasonable fitness. The saddle was very secure. I felt at the end that I could ride a long trek as it was so comfortable. I expected it would be much more difficult.
Within 15 minutes, Ilya – my instructor – took me to the airplane and I knew that it was the time of no turning back. The door closed. We were off. There were 9 solo skydivers and I was jumping in a tandem with an instructor. At 6,500 feet, Ilya asked me how I was feeling. I thought it was a stupid question. Everyone knows that any first timer is scared! My heart was beating fast and I was nervous. As soon as I saw all the solo skydivers jump out of the plane, I was fascinated. What a beautiful view that was. I was not afraid any more, I just wanted to jump.
We started with some technical lesson and instruction. At first the breathing apparatus felt heavy and it was really quite difficult to inhale and exhale through the mouth. Then I went underwater and as I was going down it was like WOW. Visual Wonderland! Suddenly the colour all around me changed and it turned bluish-green. There was a completely different world out there. It was not like the world we see every day. There was complete peace and silence, the only sound I could hear was the sound of my own heartbeat and the sound of my breath.
In the morning we booked for the quad ride at 2p.m. That was no problem at all and we were picked up on time. Everything was organized so well. We had a fun ride through the surroundings of Marrakech. The guides were friendly and did a great job helping everyone. It was my first time on a quad. I was in an all girls group, while my boyfriend enjoyed himself with another guide and a quad that went faster. We met at the viewing points and in a Berber village, which were perfect little breaks. Thanks to perfect organisation and wonderful guides, we had a really great tour!
As the day went on, the weather got worse. We faced a strong current and our little sailboat was struggling. We caught up to a group of beautiful sailboats, all under full sail while we were still using the motor. I waved enthusiastically at our fellow boaters and studied their boats’ funny names. They looked at us a little strangely, and only later we realised what we had done. We were on the route of an actual sailboat race! Imagine what they were thinking as we cruised along not even trying to raise the sails. We still laugh about it.
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The report came to the British on May 21, 1941. The German battleship Bismarck was moving out into the Atlantic Ocean. It was going to destroy the ships which were carrying supplies from the US to the English coast. The British were frightened. The Bismarck had eight 15-inch guns and 81 smaller guns. It could move at 30 miles an hour. It was more powerful than all other warships in the world. People also believed that it was unsinkable.

However, the British had to sink it. They sent out their best battleship called the Hood to hunt down the Bismarck. On May 24, the Hood found it but the battle was very short. The German ship’s first torpedo hit the Hood, which sank with its 1416 crew members.
But in the fight, the Bismarck was a little damaged. Its commander decided to run for repairs to France. The British force followed it. However, because of the Bismarck’s speed and the heavy fog, they quickly lost it. For two days, every British ship in the Atlantic tried to find the Bismarck, but with no success. Finally, a British plane from Ireland noticed it. It fired on the Bismarck from the air and the ship had to slow down. At last, on the morning of May 27, the last battle took place. Four British ships attacked the Bismarck. It was finally destroyed and soon disappeared under the water.
13. The Bismarck sailed into the Atlantic Ocean to attack the English coast
14. The Bismarck was the most powerful warship in the world
15. On May 24, the Bismarck won a battle against a British ship
16. A British plane completely destroyed the Bismarck
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Guide books say Koh Lipe is a beautiful island with exotic trees, golden beaches and the clear blue sea. But is it true? My friend Kate was here five years ago. Her photo album shows pictures of wonderful beaches with small wooden huts. “There was no need to book a hotel,” she said. “I just went there and found the ideal place to rest – cheap, peaceful and quiet.”

Well, now the island looks different. The beaches are full of people, sun beds and umbrellas. The sea is blue but it is full of noisy speedboats. There are fewer palm trees because there are more hotels and restaurants. There is loud music everywhere, coming from cafés and bars. The hotels have become crowded. They are packed with holidaymakers who booked their trips months ago. I am lucky to have a small room in one hotel but I have to pay a lot for it. It is not safe in my hotel, either. Kate stayed in a place with no locks. I must leave my passport and money in the hotel safe when I go to the beach. Some guests have even been robbed.
But maybe this is the change for the better. Local people seem very happy now. More tourists mean more money for them. There are more jobs in hotels and restaurants, new souvenir shops and other businesses are opening all the time. But is the island still a tourist paradise? I doubt it.
17. The author’s friend Kate said that Koh Lipe was very noisy
18. The author is lucky because he has a cheap room
19. The author’s hotel is a safe place
20. Local people can earn more money now