MÓWIENIE 2 EN [#146]

TASK 1 Warm-up questions [ max. 2 minutes ]
  1. What’s your name?
  2. Can you spell it? (military or traditional alphabet)
  3. What’s your job? and/or Where do you live?
TASK 2 Role-play [ max. 4 minutes ]
The examiner is the head teacher in your child’s school. You want to talk to them.
  • child has problems with maths
  • ask if extra lessons possible – price?
  • great! – ask when/where
  • agree to teacher’s request – ask about details
The examiner begins by saying: “Hello, how can I help you?”
You are the head teacher of a school. A parent wants to talk to you.
  • maths problems – mentioned before – offer to talk to teacher
  • extra lessons for those interested possible – free
  • Wednesdays
  • school trip soon – one more supervisor needed – can parent go?
  • 1 day – give date/time
You begin by saying: “Hello, how can I help you?”
TASK 3 Questions [ 6-7 minutes ]
  1. Are you good at learning new things? What are the qualities of a good student?
  2. Tell us about the most difficult skill/subject you’ve ever had to learn.
  3. What are the advantages and disadvantages of giving students homework?