MÓWIENIE 2 EN [#213]

TASK 1 Warm-up questions [ max. 2 minutes ]
  1. What’s your name?
  2. Can you spell it? (military or traditional alphabet)
  3. What’s your job? and/or Where do you live?
TASK 2 Role-play [ max. 4 minutes ]
You are on holiday and staying in a hotel. The examiner is a hotel receptionist.
  • my room - not like - change possible?
  • 101; awful view – rubbish bins/smell
  • reject the offer; say why
  • wait – no problem; price – the same?
The examiner begins by saying: “Can I help you?”
You are a hotel receptionist. The candidate is on holiday and staying in the hotel where you work.
  • room number? reason?
  • offer a room on the ground floor with a view of the hotel bar and swimming poo
  • offer another room with the sea view but free tomorrow afternoon!
  • €10 a night more; ask for the candidate’s decision
You begin by saying: “Can I help you?”
TASK 3 Questions [ 6-7 minutes ]
  1. Describe the best hotel you have ever stayed in.
  2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of staying at the camp site?
  3. Why are all-inclusive holidays so popular with tourists nowadays?